Our Conclusion

A Summery Of Our Journey Together:

As a student/disciple (disciplined follower) of Christ, as you attempt to understand the material you have before you it's very important that you see the details, the pieces of the puzzle if you will, before you can see the vision of totality.

Just as understanding microeconomics helps to unveil the principles of macroeconomics. The same is true for us in our micro-existence i.e. the internal struggles, thought systems etc., Understanding this internal world will help us to unveil or understand our external world (our macro-existence) better.

This is not a journey of faith; we all have faith. Faith is a fact of our existence, whether we use it for our good or detriment seems to be a more relevant topic. This is a journey of understanding. In understanding the truth, the direction of our faith will be corrected, perceptions healed and at last you will find your way home as a natural extension of your inward journey.

In our short walk together we have discussed:

1.) A thought system based on fear which found a way in our minds and hearts through our lust to judge or to be self-governing, in this we judge God's motives, God's themes, and even God himself in our twisted perceptions.

2.) We have journeyed to understand, when we let go of these judgments, and abide with God in the present it leads to the entrance into our innocents (or back to the garden metaphorically speaking), through Christ.

3.) We need to be students of certainty, the more certain we are of God, the more open the path to The Tree of Life and it's abundance for our lives will be. Once we reach our natural state of perception or existence miraculous things will happen.

In conclusion I leave you with this Quote:

'We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.'

T.S. Eliot